At BankHQ, we are solving one of the most critical and at the same time most neglected problem which bank account holders face. From our research we have found out, a great percentage of users struggle to login into the bank account, setup auto-pay, activate the account or even enroll for one. The reason is very simple. With the advancement of banking technology, while the Banks are busy adding more features and they are neglecting the most important problem of educating the users to operate the bank account. Header

The sole purpose of starting BankHQ, is to help such users. We provide detailed and step by steps instructions (with images) to the users to help them operate their bank account with ease. Some of the topics we cover are:

  1. Logging into the bank account
  2. Bank Account Enroll/Activation
  3. Recover Username/Password
  4. Contacting Customer Support
  5. Information about Bank (Location & Financial Summary)

To use our website, simply search your bank name on our website and read the corresponding tutorial. Currently, we have covered 1200+ banks in the US and are adding more. We are also going to launch a community forum soon, where you can post your queries and our community evangelist will be answering them.

Total 1291 posts (Banks) covered till now. More to be added soon.

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